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les auteurs et les références qui font le management

DOSI Giovanni (1953/    )

Classification : courant évolutionniste

 Principales publications :

  • ‘Institutional change and productivity growth in China’s manufacturing: the microeconomics of knowledge accumulation and “creative restructuring”’, Industrial and Corporate Change, 2015, Yu X., G. Dosi, J. Lei, and A. Nuvolari
  • ‘Fiscal and monetary policies in complex evolving economies’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, pp. 166-189, 2015, Dosi G., G. Fagiolo, M. Napoletano, A. Roventini and T. Treibich,
  • ‘The Evolution of Technologies: An Assessment of the State-of-the-Art’. Eurasian Business Review, 3(1), pp. 3-46, 2013,Dosi G., and Nelson R.R.
  • ‘Schumpeter Meeting Keynes: A Policy-Friendly Model of Endogenous Growth and Business Cycles’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34:9, pp. 1748-1767, 2010,Dosi., G. Fagiolo, A. Roventini

Les clefs du – Pour comprendre le management – Gérard Lécrivain, professeur en DCG et en DSCG.