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WERNEFELT Birger (1951/ )

Classification – Approche stratégique par les ressources

 Principales publications :

  • Consumption expperience and sales promotion expenditure, 1984- Related or unrelated diversification : a resource based approach
  • Articles :Wernerfelt, Birger. « A resource‐based view of the firm. » Strategic management journal 5.2 (1984)
    Fornell, Claes, and Birger Wernerfelt. « Defensive marketing strategy by customer complaint management: a theoretical analysis. » Journal of Marketing research (1987)
    Hansen, Gary S., and Birger Wernerfelt. « Determinants of firm performance: The relative importance of economic and organizational factors. » Strategic management journal 10.5 (1989)
    Chatterjee, Sayan, and Birger Wernerfelt. « The link between resources and type of diversification: Theory and evidence. » Strategic management journal 12.1 (1991)
    Wernerfelt, Birger. « The resource‐based view of the firm: Ten years after. » Strategic management journal 16.3 (1995)