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les auteurs et les références qui font le management

KNIGHT Frank ( 1885-1972)

Apports : le management des risques

 Principales publications :

  • Knight, Frank H. 1921. « Cost of production and price over long and short periods » in Journal of Political Economy
  • Knight, Frank H. [1921] 2006. Risk, uncertainty and profit. Cosmo Classics.
  • Knight, Frank H. [1923] 1997. The ethics of competition and other essays. Transaction Publishers. I
  • Knight, Frank H. 1924. « The limitations of scientific method in economics » in Trend of Economics.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1933. The economic organisation with an article: Notes on utility and cost.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1935. Economic theory and nationalism.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1936. The quantity of capital and the rate of interest.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1942. « Fact and value in social science » in Science and Man. H
  • Knight, Frank H. [1947] 1982. Freedom and Reform: Essays in economics and social philosophy.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1956. On the history and methods of economics: Selected essays.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1960. Intelligence and democratic action. Harvard University Press.
  • Knight, Frank H. 1991. « The case for Communism: From the standpoint of an ex-liberal » in Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology. J

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